Dirty Denver Nuggets Took Cheap Shots at Stephen Curry, and Mark Jackson Was Not Happy

Denver dirtbags* trying to take out my boy Stephen Curry? Oh, it’s on now.

The tape don’t lie – after Curry torched the Nuggets in games three and four in Oakland, Denver came out on a mission: Rough up the skinny kid from Davidson.

Did Kenneth Faried kick Curry in the ankle as he cut through the lane? Of course he did. Curry’s had ankle problems during the series. If you say it wasn’t a kick, fine, I’ll accept “trip attempt.” Is Faried still salty about getting crossed up and put on a highlight reel from earlier in the series (video below)? You’re too good a player to resort to this stuff, Kenneth.

To balance things out, I should note Shaq and the Inside the NBA crew thought these were just “touch ’em up” fouls and nothing truly dirty.

Because I’m the web’s No. 1 Stephen Curry fan – called dibs back when he was rolling in the NCAA tourney – I advise Mark Jackson to do this: If you see the same tactics Thursday night in game six, get Andris Biedrins into the game to deliver a how-you-doin to Lawson or Iguodala.

* Yes, joking.

Because you want to see it first!

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