The Jason McIntyre Show: an Interview with ESPN Radio's Mike Greenberg

The Jason McIntyre Show: an Interview with ESPN Radio's Mike Greenberg


The Jason McIntyre Show: an Interview with ESPN Radio's Mike Greenberg

ESPN Radio - Mike and Mike - Inaugural ShowFor the first time on the podcast, I spoke with someone I’m not super familiar with: Mike Greenberg, the ESPN radio host. He’s written another book, All You Could Ask For, which hit the NYT bestseller list, and ESPN offered him up for an interview. I tried to tackle topics that he doesn’t gab about on his radio show, so we steered totally clear of actual sports, like the Jets (whom we both root for) and the NBA playoffs. What did we talk about?

* The book – which isn’t about sports – and why he wrote it. I’m 78% certain it will be optioned into a movie.
* ESPN”s Northwestern mafia.
* Chemistry between TV personalities, like him and Golic.
* Is Mike & Mike too vanilla of a show? On a network that pushes debate and strong opinions, does the show have any?
* Piggybacking the strong opinions (or lack thereof) why did the start adding Colin Cowherd a couple days a week?
* In the social media age, how much does he fear screwing up, and it going viral? Yes, his memorable error a few years ago was mentioned.
* Everyone vs. ESPN. Greenberg defended ESPN on the debate issue. Pretty aggressively.

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