Asante Samuel Backs Statement About Mixing Sports and Sexuality [Video]

Asante Samuel, Atlanta Falcons cornerback, was on SportsCenter and was asked about his recent comments during a Fox Sports radio interview about Jason Collins.

Samuel told Fox Sports:

“Straight people are not announcing they’re straight, so why does every body have to announce their sexuality or whatever? You know, what they prefer, so that’s just how I see it. That’s my opinion on things. All respect you know, I have nothing but respect for the people whoever decisions they make and whatever, but you know, you don’t have to show it and flaunt it like that. You know what I’m saying, we have kids out here.”

Samuel backed up his earlier statements on SportsCenter saying “sports and sexuality is not a big combination” and “I don’t want to teach my kids those things, I teach my kid God, how God lives his life.”

While Samuel did say that he has respect for Collins, he doesn’t believe that athletes need to “flaunt” their sexuality or come forward and let their preferences be known.

[Fox Sports]

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