Jordan Crawford - the New ML Carr - Thinks the Knicks A******* are Tightening, and Carmelo's 18-for-59 Shooting Could Be Evidence of That

jordan crawford said the knicks assholes are tightening now

Carmelo Anthony, in the last two games – both losses – against the Celtics, is 18-for-59 from the field, and 0-for-12 on three-pointers. So 30 % on two-pointers, and 0 % on three-pointers.

The cocky Knicks told everyone to dress in black Wednesday because they were going to a funeral, then the No. 2 seed in the East got embarrassed at home by the Celtics, a game that nearly ended in a brawl when Jordan Crawford – who hadn’t played a minute – got in Carmelo’s face and appeared to make a comment about his wife. (Lip readers haven’t confirmed the comment, but the Daily News was confident enough to splash it on the back page of the paper.)

Crawford, who once had a memorable NCAA tournament game for Xavier, then took a lot of shots with the Wizards but did nothing else, seems to be Boston’s new ML Carr, the towel-waving reserve. Here’s Crawford talking to the Boston Globe:

“I don’t know what happened,” he said. “I don’t know what happened, you know what I’m saying? I was on the bench the whole game, I don’t know why they was talking to me.

“They gotta be upset, their [expletives] tightening up. Of course they upset.”

I’m not ready to fall for the Red Sox/Yankees 2004 comparison that everyone seems to be making – yet. Let’s see what happens Friday night. But the turning point in the series, clearly, was JR Smith’s elbow to the grill of Jason Terry during Game 3. The Knicks went on to win that game, handily, but the elbow cost Smith Game 4, which Boston won in overtime, and it clearly ignited the Celtics.

Cancel your Friday night plans.

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