Mark Sanchez Wore a Headband to Meet the Media Today

mark sanchez wearing a headband

Mark Sanchez is growing his hair out and wearing headbands now, apparently.

I’m not sure what I can add to this shocking development. The Jets are down to four QBs (I refused to consider Chris Matt Simms a viable option), and here’s an in-depth breakdown:

* The incumbent, who has 54 turnovers in the last two years, now wears a headband.

* The rookie from West Virginia felt the need to text and tweet while meeting with NFL teams prior to the draft. Who doesn’t do that during a job interview?

* Greg McElroy was a Rhodes Scholar finalist at Alabama and scored 48 on the Wonderlic.

* David Garrard is 35 and was slated to compete in Miami last year, but was injured – and it might have happened while wakeboarding.

What a motley crew. [photo via Kim Jones]

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