Peyton Manning is the Best Because He Remembers the Specifics of Plays From When He Was Playing at Tennessee

Peyton Manning spoke at a coaching clinic last month in Knoxville (h/t: coachingsearch.com for the find) and put together a video presentation with cut-ups of drills and plays. At that clinic, Joe Harrington, the Tennessee video coordinator, told a story about Peyton as he introduced him, that illustrates why Manning has been one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL History. Last December, he called Harrington and had a very specific request. He wanted him to find a play from Manning’s junior year in 1996, in the third quarter of a game against Memphis, and even gave the specific play call: Flip Right Duo, X-Motion, Fake Roll 98 Block Pass Special.

Seventeen years ago and to recall one specific play is pretty cool. Don’t sell yourself short, Peyton, you are a tremendous slouch.

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Because you want to see it first.

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