Clay Buchholz Accused of Throwing Spitballs; Dennis Eckersley Vigorously Defends Him [Video]

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The supremely disappointing start to the 2013 season by the Blue Jays took an even sadder turn after Wednesday’s loss to the Red Sox, which dropped Toronto’s record to 10-18. (Toronto lost again on Thursday to Boston.)

Jays’ analyst Dirk Hayhurst insinuated after the Wednesday game that Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz was throwing spit balls.

What in the world of  Burleigh Grimes is going on here?!?!

Here’s Hayhurst’s tweet, which he backed up Thursday on a Toronto radio station:

ESPN Boston’s Gordon Edes tracked down Jack Morris, also a Jays’ analyst and the hirsute not-quite Hall of Famer agreed Buchholz was up to something fishy:

“I found out because the guys on the video camera showed it to me right after the game,” he said. “I didn’t see it during the game. They showed it to me and said, ‘What do you think of this?’ and I said, ‘Well, he’s throwing a spitter. Cause that’s what it is.”

Naturally Buchholz and the Red Sox were having none of it.

“Loading up with what, rosin?” Buchholz said. “I get wet from my hair. Are they talking about the stains on my shirt? There probably are stains on my shirt, because I’ve been wearing the same shirt for the last three years.

Buchholz is now 6-0 with 1.01 ERA. Boston is managed by John Farrell, who was with Toronto last season.

Later Thursday, Red Sox NESN analyst Dennis Eckersley rained down some haymakers on both Hayhurst and Morris, calling the former a “career minor leaguer” and the latter “clueless” and “looking for attention” about the entire situation.

We’ll see if this progresses any further or if any other opposing broadcasters monitor Buchholz closely. His next start should be next week against the Twins — your move Bert Blyleven.

The Blue Jays should have bigger things to worry about than this, although it’s as good an excuse as any to dust off this clip.

[Via ESPN Boston]

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