The Kansas City Royals Had Fun in the Snow After Last Night's Game Was Canceled

Snow in May? I mean, what is Major League baseball thinking scheduling these games in cities where it could snow in May once every fifty years? This has been a ridiculous “spring” in the Midwest, and I can tell you that from personal experience. I have no doubt that it will shoot from blizzards from February to May, to 100 degree heat in a few weeks and stay there. Little league baseball has consisted of no outdoor practices before April, and constant cancellations.

At least the Royals players aren’t as curmudgeonly as I am. Alcides Escobar and Mike Moustakas took a slide in the newly falling snow, taking advantage after the delay set in during the fourth inning of last night’s game with Tampa. It was eventually canceled.

[photos via kansascity.com]

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