Mike Piazza Was a Dapper Gangster in a Play Friday Night in Miami

Mike Piazza

Mike Piazza is slowly entering the “cool dad” portion of his life.

The Major League career-leader for home runs by a catcher made his off-off-off Broadway debut last night at the Miami City Ballet, playing a gangster in the performance of “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue.”

Piazza’s six-year-old daughter Nicoletta studies at the Ballet and, at her urging, he found his way up on the stage.

“The preparation, the discipline, perfecting your craft . . . It’s actually pretty similar and something I can relate to,” Piazza told Newsday.

Really, Mike … you’ve acted in one play and already talking about the “craft” of acting.

Let’s settle down, Sir Laurence.

Better yet, let’s see your Jazz Hands!

[via Newsday]


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