Teenage Skiers Fist Fight Over Whose Father is Richer [Video]

*language NSFW*

Sometime this winter two skiers got into a fist fight. The fight itself isn’t very interesting. I mean, its two idiots in huge winter clothes falling over punching helmets with gloves on. However… the audio is delightful. Sure, there is some good swearing, but the sublime part is when you find out these are two very rich kids. The trash talk is amazing. I’ve transcribed most of the ass-hat-ery, but you will still want to listen to the original.

 “Go drive daddy’s Lambo!”

“Your dad’s got way more money than mine!”

“Your parents… grandparents own COP.”

“My dad’s only got like 5 mil.”

“I’ve never driven any of my dad’s cars ever.”

So what do we think “COP” is? ConocoPhillips? Since they’re skiing, perhaps Canada Olympic Park?  Or some third thing that uses “C.O.P.” that you would be rich as fuuugu if you owned. Either way, good for these guys. They’re better off than any of us are, but at least they look like jerks on the Internet!

[Unofficial Networks.com]

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