Bryce Harper Gets Ejected For Doing What Paul O'Neill Did After Every Strikeout [VIDEO]

Bryce Harper was ejected in the first inning of the Nats-Pirates game on Sunday after a called strike that came on appeal from third base umpire John Hirschbeck. What followed was your typical exchange of words, but based on Hirschbeck’s aggressive reaction, you would’ve thought Harper delivered a DX crotch-chop that cameras failed to catch.

Sadly, as it turns out, Hirschbeck was initially pissed because he “didn’t like that he put his hands up with the bat,” and the point of no return came when Harper “slammed his bat and helmet” in the dugout. Considering such actions happen in the dugout on a nightly basis in nearly every game across the league, using that as the reason for booting Harper sounds a little preposterous. MLB umpires have officially become more sensitive than a room full of hungover sorority chicks watching Steel Magnolias.

[CBS Sports]

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