Tom Brady Freaked Out When Orb Won the Kentucky Derby [Video]

tom-brady-derbyTom Brady was really happy when Orb won the 2013 Kentucky Derby. In this video you see Brady celebrating with some of the horse’s connections. Tedy Bruschi also gets in on the celebration and it looks like Wes Welker jumps on top of everyone at the end of the video. Still, this is all about Brady who screams like a little girl and makes an “ohmygod thatisnotahorse thatisjustinbieber” face.

tom-brady-kentucky-derbyAccording to one writer who was at Churchill Downs, Brady wagered $4700 on Orb. (I believe Orb settled around 5/1 or 6/1 which means Brady would have won somewhere in the neighborhood of $23,000-$28,000. Feel free to correct me.)

Video below with the scream below:

[NESN, PatriotsGab, h/t: Herbie]

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