Groundhog Terrorizes Little League, Is Captured By Animal Control & Escapes Animal Hospital Overnight!

groundhog-dayLittle League kids in Bridgeton, New Jersey saw a large groundhog across the street on Saturday so they decided to check it out. When they went to get a closer look, the giant groundhog charged at the kids, chasing them back across the street. The groundhog then chased an umpire into his car where he locked the doors. Animal control responded quickly. From the South Jersey Times:

“They were there in two minutes,’’ he said. “They got one of those loops on a stick around its neck.’’

It broke the loop.

“I’m telling you, it was big,’’ said Hemple.

He said the police went and got a cage, relooped the animal and got it inside the cage.

“They said they were taking it to Wilwynn Animal Hospital,’’ said Hemple.

They are still waiting for test results to see if the groundhog has rabies, but the story doesn’t end there. The groundhog broke out of freaking animal jail. Seriously. More from NJ.com:

Dr. Bill McAloanan, who runs the Hopewell Township clinic, said when he showed up Sunday morning to take care of the animal, the cage left by the Bridgeton Police Department was empty, but secured.

“Inside was an empty can of cat food,’’ said McAlonan, but no animal.

It escaped its cage and left the cage door shut. As of today no one has been able to locate the groundhog. Meanwhile, a community (probably) continues to live in fear.


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