Otis Nixon Busted with Crack Pipe, Mugshot is Scary, Bordering on Terrifying [UPDATE]

Otis-NixonOtis Nixon, the speedster who patrolled Major League outfields for 17 years, was busted with a crack pipe and a crack rock over the weekend in Atlanta. From the AJC:

Nixon, 54, had a crack pipe in his pocket and a crack rock in his vehicle when he was stopped on I-575 early Saturday, according to a Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office reported obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Nixon is only 54, but he looks like 84 in this terrifying mugshot. I’m surprised Nixon, who had 620 career steals, couldn’t get away from cops on foot when they pulled him over. [AJC]

[UPDATE: Dan McGowan passes along a recent link to a story about Nixon running a scam. He was caught on video. It sounds like Otis Nixon is in a bad place. Someone please help him.]

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