Screaming Spurs Fan Identified As... Three Separate Women By Three Separate News Outlets


The shrill, annoying, screaming Spurs fan has been identified – as three different women. The San Antonio media has been killing themselves trying to find the woman making all that awful noise during Monday night’s Spurs – Warriors game and the consensus is… there is no consensus!

The picture above and video below show 23-year old dental assistant Val Garcia. KENS5 did a report identifying Garcia as the woman ruining everyone’s viewing experience on Monday night. Then there’s Vickie Villarreal who WOAI says is the shrieker. And finally there is Lori Aguilar who went on  1300 AM The Zone sports talk radio this morning to claim she was the banshee in San Antonio. So who was it? And why are three different people trying to take credit for something so awful? We may never know. And we probably shouldn’t care.

[Image: @DillonCollier, Special Thanks: Busted Coverage]

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