Adam Rosales Robbed of Home Run By Umpire Angel Hernandez, Baseball Still Needs Instant Replay [Video]

rosales-homerAdam Rosales of the A’s hit a home run in the 9th inning, but it was called a double on the field by the clueless, blind group of umpires. Angel Hernandez and his hapless umpire friends reviewed the play and decided that despite clear evidence the ball had hit a pipe above the yellow home run line, it didn’t hit a pipe above the yellow home run line. Then Hernandez tossed Oakland manager Bob Melvin for arguing. The A’s failed to score and lost, 4-3. We might still be playing if the umps had gotten the call correctly.

Angel Hernandez should probably be suspended or fired for being grossly incompetent at his job.

Oakland Athletics v Cleveland Indians


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