Oklahoma QB Kendal Thompson Arrested For Public Intoxication When Cops Found Him Sleeping on a Hill Snoring

Blake Bell, Shaun PraterKendal Thompson, one of the three QBs vying for the starting job at Oklahoma, probably took himself out of the race by getting arrested early this morning. His crime? Being a college sophomore doing what college kids do. He went to a party, drank too much, and ended up passing out on a hill near the party. When the cops busted up the jam around 2 am, Thompson got cuffed and stuffed. From Sooner Scoop:

“As I was speaking with him, he was not making sense with incomplete sentences and was becoming harder to understand him,” said Boxford in the affidavit.

After Thompson awoke, the officer said he rolled into a sitting position. Boxford told him to remain seated “many times”. Thompson eventually stood again with his hand in his left pocket and did not sit down.

“He continued not to obey commands and I grabbed his right arm and completed a spinning arm bar to take the defendant to the ground,” said Boxford in the affidavit. “Once on the ground, the defendant continued to fail to obey commands to put his hands behind his back and get on his stomach.”

The starting QB job will probably go to Blake Bell, aka, the Belldozer. Landry Jones, a four-year starer, is now in the NFL.

Thompson was four days shy of his 21st birthday, and this probably will dull that celebration a bit. [Sooner Scoop]


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