Bayern Munich Celebrated Bundesliga Title with Beer-Soaked Revelry [Video]

Bayern Munich are champions of the German Bundesliga this season. The Bavarian giants wrapped up the title weeks, if not months ago, but finally celebrated their achievement Saturday after a 3-0 win over Ausgburg at the Allianz Arena.

It began with the standard stuff, players receiving medals then lifting the trophy at the center of the field.

What followed was beer being thrown all over the place.


A lot of beer.

Manager Jupp Heynckes and Frank Ribery — apparently the team’s practical joker –were the main targets, with seemingly everybody on the field rushing to dump some hops on them from over sized glass steins.

Keeper Manuel Neuer even took time to douse his girlfriend, who was dressed in traditional Bavarian fräulein garb. Bayern, don’t forget, is big on lederhosen, as seen here. More American teams made their players dress in traditional regional clothing more often. Think of the possibilities.

Before you start complaining this is a massive waste of suds remember Bayern earned the right to celebrate like this, plus the beer was Paulaner and it was (probably) warm.

In 33 Bundesliga games Bayern has won 28, drawn four and lost one. They’ve out-scored opponents 94-15. It’s also Bayern’s first title 2009-10 and 23rd overall. They wrested the crown (or the Bundesliga’s case a big silver plate) from Borussia Dortmund.

The two German clubs meet on May 25 at Wembley Stadium in the Champions League final.



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