John Tortorella to Reporter: “Holy crap, give me another question please.” [Video]

Rangers coach John Tortorella is man who highly prefers that questions, and only questions, are asked at press conferences. So when a reporter found an opening and began with “talk about coaching in the playoffs,” the hilarious Tortella abruptly stopped him and said, “ask me a question, don’t say talk about it. Ask me a question, please. I’m not gonna talk about it if it isn’t a question.” Things got even better a couple minutes later when he was asked the following:

Reporter: “When you say handled it, physically, like handling on the ice, what do you think that means?”
Torts: “Holy crap, give me another question please.”

This man is outrageous. To close things out, rather appropriately I might add, some poor innocent soul actually asked Torts a yes/no question. He got his answer. Quickly. What an exit. Al Trautwig’s reaction pretty much covers everyone’s reaction. Brilliant.

We’ll update with the full press conference once it becomes available. For now, full audio can be found here.

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