Hilarious Balk by Jordan Lyles of the Astros Pretty Much Sums Up Houston, the Worst Team in Baseball (History?)

houston astros balk is tremendousHere’s the windup … and nope, Jordan Lyles decided at the last possible moment not to throw a pitch. If you watch his confused elbow and arm, Lyles is fortunate he didn’t blow something out. He gave up eight earned runs and 11 hits in four innings and the Astros, as they do seemingly every day, lost, 12-7.

After getting swept by Texas, Houston fell to 10-28, the worst record in baseball. The Astros run differential of -81 is by far the worst in the sport. I’ll let ESPN’s Bustler Olney take it from here:


In the 162-game era, the 2003 Detroit Tigers set a record for futility with 43 wins and 119 losses. Houston will challenge that this summer.

Remember last month when I mentioned my 10 favorite Milwaukee Bucks all-time … just because? Well, here are my five favorite Houston Astros of all-time, with a heavy nod to the 80s/90s, when I loved baseball and kept fantasy stats by hand:

1. Dickie Thon. As far as names go, it doesn’t get much better than this. Come on, this is a mustache straight out of Home Depot. Also, RBI Baseball.
2. Jeff Bagwell. Was a big fan of his awkward (at the time it was, right?) batting stance.
3. Craig Biggio. Hall of Famer, right?
4. Brad Lidge. Strange one, but I really loved the homer he gave up to Pujols. Gotta be an iconic moment in franchise history. This could be a 30-for-30, no?
5. Kevin Bass. Since probably 25% of my lifelong interest in the sport is tied up in RBI baseball, I always remember being able to get doubles and triples down the line with Kevin Bass.

[GIF via Records & Radio]

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