Jordan Webb & Alex Lewis Arrest Details: Victim Allegedly Shoved Into Brick Wall, Pushed to Ground, Punched, Knocked Unconscious

alex-lewis-mugshotjordan-webb-mugshotJordan Webb, the Colorado Buffaloes quarterback, and Alex Lewis, a former Buffs lineman, were arrested over the weekend on assault charges. Today details came out about the incident and they are disturbing. From The Daily Camera:

According to the report, Bussey and Lewis bumped into each other, which led to a verbal argument and a shoving match. The friend then told police Lewis repeatedly shoved Bussey into a brick wall, causing his head to hit the wall several times. The friend told police Webb then came and the two men shoved Bussey to the ground and began punching him.

The friend said Bussey told her to run, and she ran back to the apartment to get help and returned to the alley. At this point, witnesses said they saw Lewis grab Bussey around the throat and throw him into a parking kiosk, knocking him unconscious.

At that point a black SUV pulled up and someone urged Lewis and Webb to get inside. The SUV pulled away without Webb and Lewis when police showed up. Witnesses say that one of the people in the SUV was a Colorado football player. At this point it looks like this could fall on Lewis.

Lewis told police Bussey tried to throw a punch at Lewis but missed, so he shoved him away. He said Bussey got up and did the same thing, so he again shoved him to the ground. He said at no point did Webb ever get involved in the shoving.

Lewis said he drank six glasses of wine, 10 beers and six shots of various other alcohols that night. He did not know how much Webb had to drink.

According to the report, officers were “unable to speak with Webb because his behavior led to him being paced in a side holding cell.”

Lewis, who is transferring to Nebraska, is 6’6″, 250 pounds while Bussey is 5’11”, 185.

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