LeSean McCoy Chooses Not to Run Anymore Against Michael Vick, Claiming a False Start

Michael Vick chooses not to run against Shady anymore

Last week, Michael Vick beat LeSean McCoy in a 40 yard dash, but McCoy isn’t taking the defeat easily. Today, he claimed that Michael Vick false started and jumped early, and even claims to have video evidence. Martin Frank has the following statements from McCoy on the Race: “I told him no one over 30 can beat me in a race … He jumped off. He won’t race me again. He cheated. The whole team witnessed it. [But] it blew up so fast, they ran with it … They didn’t want to embarrass Mike.”

Add in that McCoy was referring to Matt Barkley as “Mark” all day, and the Eagles camp is off to a raucous up-tempo start. McCoy is probably afraid that a car engine will backfire in their rematch, only resulting in further embarrassment.

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