LeSean McCoy Now Being Sued for Allegedly Assaulting and Kicking a Woman Off a Party Bus

LeSean McCoy, we don't need to know what you are doing with your balls

LeSean McCoy is rapidly becoming quite the turd in the punch bowl. The latest allegation involving a woman on a party bus has some pretty serious allegations. According to Courthousenews.com (via Pro Football Talk), LeSean McCoy, his bodyguard, and three other men were on a party bus with 15 women on December 18th, going to and from Philadelphia to New York. This would have been the week before McCoy returned from injury to play against Washington.

According to the complaint filed, McCoy and others began spraying water on the women, including the plaintiff. When the plaintiff protested, McCoy and his bodyguard “Big John” allegedly struck her, restrained her, poured a drink over her, and forcibly ejected her from the party bus on the side of the New Jersey turnpike after ordering the driver to pull over. After others protested, the bus turned around and picked her up, but then dropped her off at a rest stop a short time later.

This isn’t the only issue that McCoy has had over the last few months. You may also recall his twitter spat with a baby mama, where he basically had his Twitter followers harass a woman who alleged he was not paying his child support, and then performed oral sex on her to avoid a payment.

This news also comes out just after the Philadelphia Eagles signed Felix Jones to add depth at the running back position.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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