Roundup: Tiger Woods Lied, the History of Baseball Stadium Nachos & Titus Young Has a Brain Disorder

britney spears on the red carpetBritney Spears … an update on Detroit’s Robocop statue … video of a guy opening fire at a Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans, injuring 19 … this is a wild photo of Jay-Z’s doppleganger in 1939 … police hunting man on mobility scooter … Aubrey O’ Day tweets photos while she’s trying on bikinis … “How Bing Crosby and the Nazis Helped to Create Silicon Valley” … oh boy: government seizes phone records of Associated Press reportersPhil Ivey is being accused of being card reader … yes, another blog post on Donna Martin Graduates … how did these 100 women not make Maxim’s Top 100 list? …

Remember when Tiger Woods said a Marshall told him it was cool to swing? And then Sergio got all pissed? The Marshall called Tiger Woods a liar. [Golf.com]

Father of former NFL receiver Titus Young says his son has a brain disorder and needs help. [Detroit News]

The history of baseball stadium nachos. [Smithsonian]

Is Eddie Lacy going to be The Guy in the Green Bay backfield? [Journal-Sentinel]

Delaware QB Trevor Sasek was stabbed three times over the weekend. [Delaware Online]

Texting And Driving Kills More Teens Annually Than Drinking And Driving. [CBS NY]

Jets seem to be hoping Geno Smith wows everyone and can read a defense and start opening day so New York can cut Mark Sanchez. [Post]

Brown basketball player hospitalized after unprovoked attack on campus. [Providence Journal]

If you lost your weed on a Seattle bus, you can get it back! [Daily Chronic]

This is how you sign off your radio job. The BBC host, who sounds like she’s had too much bubbly, rambles for about eight minutes. At the end, you hear another host come in and replace her, saying, “unfortunately, Paula is not feeling quite well …’ [H/T Gawker]

University of Arizona graduation, or rave?

A month late, but here’s 13 minutes worth of Oregon cheerleader tryouts. [via BroBible]

Pretty cool bathroom door that you know will end in disaster for some unsuspecting chap taking a dump. [via Hot Clicks]

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