Indoor Football Coach Shoves Opposing Player to the Ground After a Touchdown [Video]

Dave Brumagen is the head coach of the Lincoln Haymakers in the Champions Professional Indoor Football League. On Saturday the Haymakers lost to the Omaha Beef, 27-23. R.J. Rollins scored the deciding touchdown late in the game. After Rollins scored, he ran up the field and was shoved by Brumagen. Here’s how the CPIFL website describes the incident:

After the touchdown Rollins’ celebration received a reaction from both benches with extra-curricular activity ensuing.

The CPIFL is just trying to sweep this incident under the rug! Brumagen and Rollins should both be fined and suspended and I’m just kidding because who cares about the CPIFL? Still pretty crazy though. I hope Rex Ryan tries this after a Patriots’ touchdown this season.

[No Coast Bias]

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