ESPN's Mark May Thinks Florida Assistant Coach Tim Davis is a "classless backstabbing coward." [Video]

Do you think the internet will be able to go a week this summer without a cockamamie SEC football story? The latest one involves an offensive line coach, Nick Saban, and a 2nd rate ESPN college football analyst.

Tim Davis, Florida’s current offensive line coach who spent three years under Nick Saban, called the Alabama coach “the devil himself” at a booster meeting in Florida recently. Davis said he’s always wanted to work with current Gator coach Will Muschamp and he thinks that Muschamp – who coached with Saban at LSU and with the Miami Dolphins – has Saban’s DNA.

For reasons that remain unknown, ESPN’s Mark May had super strong feelings about what Davis said, and sounded off:

“I don’t know Tim Davis, but my opinion, he’s a classless backstabbing coward. You’re talking about a guy in Nick Saban that gave you an opportunity to coach. He gave you an opportunity to move up the coaching ranks, so you could support your family, put food on the table, clothes on their backs. Not for one year. He gave you the opportunity for three years on his staff.

“If you have a problem with Nick Saban, pick up the phone, put your big-boy pants on and man up and say ‘Coach, I got a problem with you and here’s why.’ You don’t go out in front of some group of friendly fans out there and say that about Nick Saban, a guy that gave you an opportunity to be a coach.”

Last week it was Bob Stoops vs. the dregs of the SEC. Saban got involved in that one. Next week, perhaps Iowa’s strength & conditioning coach will fire some shots at Mississippi State’s secondary? Because the Big Ten totally feels left out. [HT AL.com]

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