Nate Diaz Calls the Guy Who Took Pat Healy's Bonus Money "the biggest Fag in the world" on Twitter


Pat Healy tested positive for marijuana following his submission win over Jim Miller at UFC 159. The positive test resulted in Healy having his win changed to a no contest and the loss of a whole lot of money. Because of Healy’s thrilling performance, he earned Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night honors which was good for an extra $130,000 in bonuses. That cash is now gone. Bryan Caraway, the only other fighter to win by submission that night now gets the $65,000 for Submission of the Night.

Which brings us to Nathan Diaz. Nate Diaz was most recently featured here after he said that Josh Thomson made “bitch ass lady sounds” during their April fight. That was a fight that Diaz lost by TKO. Nate Diaz, like his brother Nick Diaz, is a major proponent of marijuana so he spoke up on Twitter about how he felt bad that Healy had lost his money in that manner.

Pointing out that it is bullshit that a professional fighter lose a win on his record and $130,000 because he smoke some weed is one thing. Calling someone “the biggest Fag in the world” because someone is giving them money is another. Look for the UFC to slap Diaz on the wrist for Tweeting a homophobic slur. If recent history is any indication, Diaz will likely be suspended until the UFC needs to schedule him in a fight.

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