The Office Basketball Episode is the Best Sports Moment the Show Ever Had

I was a few years late to The Office. Back in 2007, my television habits were a bit broader than they are now, and I watched much less TV. Basically, I had two staples, and then just a bunch of ancillary junk. (Living in Brooklyn at the time, no DVR – had TIVO, though – I went out more than I did watch TV.) Based on this grid, here are some of the shows I watched at one point or another:

LOST, Friday Night Lights
The OC
Gossip Girl

I had given My Name is Earl a shot, but got bored with it; Scrubs was good in the early years, but I lost interest. Then one day I randomly saw this episode of the Office – syndication, I think – couldn’t stop laughing and immediately made the decision I was going to dive fully into the comedy show. When I quit my full time job in December 2007 to fully focus on this website, my wife and I watched 3.5 seasons of the show in a four-week span. It instantly became my No. 1 comedy on TV.

My favorite characters, in order, during the show’s prime: Michael, Dwight, Andy Bernard.

After Seinfeld, it’s probably my favorite sitcom in the last 20 years. Yes, it’s definitely ahead of Friends, which doesn’t hold up in syndication (The Office does). I tried to watch the show after Michael Scott left, but threw in the towel after a few episodes. I’ve heard this season (minus James Spader) it has improved, but I still haven’t seen an episode.

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