Roundup: The Office Ends Tonight, Kings Don't Move, David Garrard Retires

lucy-pinderLucy Pinder …. Chuck E. Cheese encourages kids to gamble … Illinois needs to let its craft beer brewers brew more beer … attractive people on Jeopardy … recurring Arrested Development jokes … Amy’s Baking Company is a social media trainwreck … NYU professor caught slipping his phone under dressing room wall … a giant duck died kind of … Pippa Middleton is still around … man dies after sticking his you-know-what in a hornets’ nest … Minnesota lit up a bridge and it is beautiful …  click if you like camel toe … restaurateur adds cicadas to the menu … artist creates your face based on your DNA … Arya is a more fast rising baby name … Ohio man fighting eviction (from his daughter) … GoT writers wrote an Always Sunny episode … Mormom saves neighbor with samurai sword … 

Diamond Dallas Page is now helping his former mentor, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, get his life back together. [FOX Sports]

Patriots cut Kyle Love after he finds out he has Type-2 diabetes. [ESPN]

18 behind the scenes photos from Saved by the Bell. [BuzzFeed]

Matt Ryan supports Jason Collins. [Yahoo! Finance]

Roger Federer’s hair has changed a bit since we have known him. [Extra Mustard]

Oooh no. Chad Dukes unleashes on Ovi. [CBS DC]

David Garrard, who has not thrown a pass since 2010, retired. [PFT]

Floyd Mayweather wants to pay you to watch porn. [With Leather]

The Office ends tonight. When it was good it was great. [Grantland]

Man attempted to dribble soccer ball from Washington to Brazil. He got hit by a truck. [HuffPo]

Woman kicked off a plane for singing Whitney Houston.

This chiropractor looks like he knows what he is doing.

Tobias Funke has a sizzle reel and we are like 10 days away from new AD.

This is what it looks like when you throw a dirtbike at a friend.

Here is some Transformers art.

26 NYC police arrest a man in Harlem.

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