Angels Fans Demonstrates Why You Shouldn't Try to Catch a Baseball With a Full Beer - Beer Explosion!


Foul balls are exciting and dangerous. When a ball comes screaming into the stands of the bat of a major league baseball player, anything can happen. The ball can hit a guy in the crotch and his ladyfriend in the face. The Marlins can end up winning a World Series. See? Anything. During last night’s Angels – White Sox game, a fan attempted to catch a foul ball with his beer which is a surprisingly popular thing to do. Instead of an awesome moment where the ball landed in his cup and he was left chugging like an awesome bro, his beer exploded, showering everyone around him. This is why you probably shouldn’t try to catch a baseball with a $9 Miller Lite. I just worry that we will someday have footage that proves you shouldn’t try to catch a foul ball while holding a baby. [@cjzero]


Because you want to see it first!

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