Michael Phelps Will Swim in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Unless You Want to Believe Michael Phelps

US swimmer Michael Phelps shows off his

Michael Phelps retired from competitive swimming following the 2012 London Olympics. Phelps walked away as the most decorated Olympic athlete of all-time, having won 22 medals, including 18 gold. It has been almost a year since he last swam competitively so it is high time that he consider a comeback, right? Oh look what we have here!

Pretty big story. Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all-time. Did you know that? Of course, he’s coming back. I mean, he’s only 27. What else is he going to do? Phelps confirmed the story on Twitter.

@MichaelPhelps: Why do I keep getting texts about coming back? Do ppl really believe everything they hear or read? There are to many ppl in the world that think they have a “story”…

Oh. Did I say confirm? Oops. A short while later, Phelps retweeted his swimming coach, Bob Bowman who found a quote that perfectly fit the situation.

That’s like… totally deep, bro. *takes bong rip* *eats two pepperoni pizzas* So that’s that, right? We can all agree on “no comeback?”

Huh. That’s the brilliance of the timing of this proclamation. We are 3 years, two months, two weeks and 4 days from the start of the 2016 Olympics in Rio. If Phelps does plan on coming back to swim in those Olympics, its going to be a while until he actually has to do the thing before the thing before the thing he needs to do to qualify. No one will remember this report by the end of the weekend.

If the 2016 Olympics roll around and Phelps is there having a battle of wits with Ryan Lochte, Peter Busch will be able to point back to this report and yell, “Scoop!” If not? Oh well. Everyone thought Phelps might come back. No big deal! That’s why I can tell you right now that not only will Michael Phelps swim in the 2016 Rio Olympics, but he will attempt to break his own record for most gold medals in a single Olympic games. Anybody know how to bookmark this?

Because you want to see it first!

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