Fans Are Buying All of Robert Griffin III's Wedding Registry Gifts, and He Has a Picture to Prove It

Robert Griffin III tweeted out a message to fans thanking them for buying all the gifts on his wedding registry, with a photo standing in front of boxes of gifts.

I suppose one response is to get internet outraged that people who don’t personally know him are spending money on wedding gifts for a millionaire quarterback. That’s a slippery slope down a path where we critique how everyone chooses to spend their money. Packers fans bought stock in the team to get to tell their friends they were shareholders. People spend money on tickets and merchandise for NFL items all the time. Is it the best use of their money? We could all probably find more noble things to spend our money on, myself included.

No, my reaction is to congratulate those who got in on the ground floor of the Bed, Bath & Beyond wedding registry and got the wooden spoon sets or the can opener, rather than getting stuck having to buy the overpriced 7-speed hand mixer. Whether it is the second cousin of a friend or a Washington quarterback, that is the pro move.

[photo via Robert Griffin III/whosay]

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