Australian Hockey Linesman Elbowed in the Head, Suffers Concussion, is Replaced by Working Television Commentator [Video]

What happens when a hockey linesman gets knocked out of the game and there’s no replacement? The guy calling the game, Australian Fox Sports commentator Stephen White, steps in.

White, who had refereed hockey on lower levels, had protective gear with him because he was going to play a reserves match after the game. Of course, he didn’t have a referee outfit so they had to strip the guy in the locker room with the mild concussion. Think about that. You’re concussed, confused and likely disoriented and some guy comes and takes your clothes and puts them on. And you aren’t even the same size. From the Central Midlands & Coastal Advocate:

The result wasn’t a snug fit for White, who says he looked like something out of “South Central LA” in the bigger man’s outfit.

“I suddenly got out there and realised ‘oh shit there’s 2000 people here, I’m on TV. this is my first AIHL game ever and the home team is down 2-0!’”

Australia is amazing.

Because you want to see it first!

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