Roundup: Miguel Kicked Two Women in the Head at the Billboard Music Awards, Greg Schiano Loves Mike Glennon & Don't Talk Trash to Former Boxers in the Street

taylor swiftTaylor Swift … cool story about how this blogger appeared in the Office series finale … did this kid really lose an internship because he didn’t capitalize Thursday in a text? … man has surgery on his 134-pound scrotum … before you get ice in your next drink at a fast food restaurant, read this … bizarre anteater story … greatly enjoyed this read on slightly crazy January Jones … police in Philly arrest alleged park masturbator … drunk was denied alcohol, so he left the bar and returned with a knife … this Rob Ford article is so very Onion-ish … cool National Geographic photo contest

Why aren’t there more minority coaches in Division I basketball? [Star Ledger]

A 75-year old man “Accused of Running Prostitution Ring in New Jersey Senior Housing Complex.” [NBC New York]

Why the NBA won’t leave Phil Jackson alone. [NYT Magazine]

Could Miguel Cabrera be a real threat to the Pete Rose hits record? [WSJ]

RIP Ken Venturi, former golfer and golf announcer. [SF Gate]

The Cleveland Browns vs. media. [Fox Sports Ohio]

Skylar Diggins got a sweet graduation present. [Tribune]

Cam Newton, pitchman? [Playbook]

Greg Schiano’s interest in QB Mike Glennon dates back to 2007. Be very afraid, Josh Freeman. [NFP]

Phil Martelli, the St. Joe’s coach, had a rough stretch for his family in March and April. [Philly.com]

Remember when I said the Memphis win over Russell Westbrook-less Oklahoma City would be hailed as a win for analytics? Here’s a love letter to ESPN’s John Hollinger. Westbrook, a Top 10 player in the NBA, was reduced to a mere footnote. [New Republic]

Miguel, who is apparently a singer, kicked a woman in the head at the Billboard music awards, and leg dropped another.

Woman in NJ was attacked by two pit bulls, and then you see the cops save her by shooting the dogs. [via Adam]

Shay Maria is … someone? Maybe she’s modeling a bikini? But she put this video out last week and a lot of people clicked on it.

At the :45 mark, Heather Graham did a Yoga pose that I think you’ll enjoy.

Guy talks trash. Little does he know he’s talking to a former boxer. Guy who talked trash ends up asleep. [via Ethan]

Spectacular goal. [via Ray Ratto]

Because you want to see it first!

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