Alonzo Mourning: Scottie Pippen Said LeBron Would Kick Michael Jordan's Ass

This is where we are in sports: Former athlete gets asked a question about LeBron vs. Jordan, because LeBron is the NBA right now. Former athlete (in this case, Alonzo Mourning) answers to the laughter of everyone. Was he joking? Maybe. Was he serious? Maybe. Could Scottie Pippen have actually said this? Who knows. And who cares? (Obligatory plug of Pippen’s wife, Larsa.)

So the story will hit the web, get a few clicks, and then hit radio (first time I heard the story was just now when Colin Cowherd was talking about it) and since the NBA is taking forever to get the bloody Pacers/Heat series, and everyone is desperate for an NBA storyline since the Grizzlies/Spurs aren’t generating any and this NBA draft is gross … Zo/Pippen/Jordan/LeBron will be on Sportscenter tonight, and everyone will be talking about it. Trending!

Eh, I sound cranky. The holiday can’t arrive quickly enough. [Video via Daily Sports Club]

Because you want to see it first!

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