Lingerie Football Coach Keith Hac Screams, "I Will *bleep* You in the Face!" [Video]

Keith Hac is the head football coach of the LFL’s Chicago Bliss. Keith Hac is hilarious. Here he is screaming at his players. I imagine when he screams at his players to remove their heads from their asses he is not trying to be funny, but that’s how it comes through in this video. His screaming speaks for itself, but there are two things I just need to point out about this video.


1. How old is that kid? What is he doing on the bench of a lingerie football team? How did he get that job? Is he an assistant coach? He either has the best or worst parents in Chicago.

2. What in the world did they bleep at the end of this clip? They don’t bleep him dropping multiple F-bombs or G*d dammits. Then at the end he says, “I’m going to [BLEEP] you in the face!” Did he say he is going to punch someone in the face? Or was it another f-bomb? Either way, you are not supposed to scream that at a woman. Or a referee. Or your 12-year old assistant coach. I’m just glad the Lingerie Legends Football League has decided to draw a line in the sand.

[H/T: Herbie]

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