Robert Griffin III Could Have Planted the Seeds of a Perception Problem After Sending Pictures of Wedding Gifts, Says Washington Writer

Robert Griffin III is whosay-ing with your gifts

On Sunday, Robert Griffin III sent out a thank you message with a picture of himself surrounded by shipping boxes. Fans buying Griffin gifts off of his wedding registry is kind of silly, but as I said originally, there are plenty of things that all of us spend money on that are silly. If people who give NFL owners gobs of cash, buy merchandise, pay for tickets, pay for parking, and buy PSL’s want to buy a hand mixer, so be it. Apparently, Griffin himself got some online criticism, and even sent out a message about the haters and not being able to get gifts.

Well, Rich Campbell of the Washington Times thinks that picture was excessive, and that Robert Griffin III could begin to have a perception problem.

This first clash between Griffin and his public is the strongest evidence of an issue that has been simmering this offseason, one that some in the Redskins organization acknowledge: the seeds of an RG3 perception problem have sprouted.

Clash with the public? I am sure that the views of 99% of reasonable people are not represented by a few of the angry mob. But that was just the strongest evidence. Campbell also points out that once, on Twitter, Robert Griffin III actually re-tweeted someone who sent him this message:

Because you want to see it first!

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