Fox Sports 1 Heavily in Pursuit of Former NFL Player Trevor Pryce and ESPN Chicago's Sarah Spain

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jetssarah spainFox Sports 1 has less than two months to the launch of its new channel that hopes to rival ESPN, and the network has been furiously interviewing and testing sports media personalities from across the country over the last few weeks.

They’ve made a few high-profile hires, such as Andy Roddick and Charissa Thompson. They’re close to landing Donovan McNabb. They came close to poaching Bomani Jones from ESPN.

The latest scuttlebutt from inside Fox?

Sources say that former NFL defensive lineman Trevor Pryce – Broncos, Ravens, Jets – is very, very close to being locked into the as-yet-named Regis Philbin show (which reportedly will air at 5 pm, opposite ESPN’s Around the Horn and PTI), and another name being tangentially linked to the show is ESPN Chicago’s Sarah Spain. It’s unclear what Spain’s role on the show would be if she left ESPN for Fox, since she lives in Chicago and it will tape in New York, but a source said Fox has presented broader opportunities at the network for her.

Spain didn’t respond to a direct message on twitter.

Why have I singled out people like McNabb, Pryce and Spain when at least three dozen sports media personalities – it may be higher than that; I’ve lost count, but the network is looking far and wide – have spoken with Fox? Because in talks with multiple network executives at Fox and elsewhere, and in speaking with multiple talent agents, these three names have come up the most in the last week. All of them may decide to pass. All of them could end up at Fox. Nothing is final. It’s NFL & NBA free agency … for media people!

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