Fan Runs on Field During Angels/Royals Game, Steals Rosin Bag, Trips Up Police Officer Chasing Him [Video]

Fans at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City got their money’s worth Thursday: a tape-measure moonshot by Mike Trout to straightaway center field, and a dose of Keystone Cops action in the eighth inning of the Angel’s 5-4 victory.

Angels reliever Michael Kohn was pitching to Alcides Escobar, when a fan ran onto the field which brought a halt to the action. The fan made a beeline for the rosin bag behind the mound, which sent the police officer chasing him to slip up on an imaginary banana peel, or in more current phrasing, “he got taken down by an imaginary sniper.”

Perhaps the best part about videos like this are the reactions. The fans cheer on the bozo like he’s a professional wrestling face, while the broadcasters act as if interrupting a baseball game is a crime worse than insurance fraud. Caught in the middle of the spectrum are the players themselves who have to stand on the field watching it unfold, hoping the fan is just some liquored up idiot and not somebody looking to cause actual harm.

At the end of the clip you’ll notice Angels’ first baseman Mark Trumbo makes no reaction whatsoever, but Kohn’s stiff upper lips quickly breaks into a smile. It was pretty funny, after all.

[Video via Larry Brown Sports]

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