Female Australian Football Fan Hurls Racial Insult in Player's Face, Gets Ejected Immediately [Video]

Not a surprise: When some drunk, angry male fan at a sporting event screams something stupid at an athlete and is ejected from the stadium.
A surprise: When a female fan in the front row of a rugby Australian Rules Football match hurls a racial insult in a player’s face, and is immediately tossed.

Via Reddit, here’s some context of the incident:

This was the first game in the Indigenous Round of the AFL where the league acknowledges Indigenous Australians who have played the game and their contribution to the sport.The player who got into the altercation was Adam Goodes one of the best current Indigenous players. He ran past where the girl was sitting, heard her yell something at him and returned and asked security to get her out. After this he went to sit on the bench for the rest of the game and entered the locker room the second the match was over looking pretty annoyed.

[via Reddit]

Because you want to see it first!

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