Jay Heaps, Coach of New England Revolution, Answers Call From Reporter's Mom During Press Conference [Video]

What will it take for the MLS to be discussed on a weekend, or ever for that matter? A reporter’s mom phoning her son, who happens to be a reporter, and interrupting a press conference is exactly what it’ll take.

Jay Heaps, the head coach of the New England Revolution, happily picked up a reporter’s cell phone and spoke with their mother in the midst of answering questions at his press conference, briefly pretending to be the son before handing over the phone. I don’t know much about Heaps, but he sure seems like an engaging, jovial fellow. Would love to see the always chipper Gregg Popvich pick up a reporter’s phone during one of his spirited pressers, ideally following a heartbreaking loss.

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Because you want to see it first!

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