Ian Kennedy Injured During Tragic Dishwashing Accident, Will Miss Start Today vs. Texas

Did You Know? Ian Kennedy is the son of Mr. Peepers & the JokerIan Kennedy, the former 1st round pick of the Yankees who struggled in New York and was shipped to Arizona in a 3-team trade in 2009, will miss today’s start against Texas after cutting his finger while washing the dishes. The Diamondbacks offered no details about how a professional athlete making $519k could slice up his finger so badly in the sink that he’ll have to miss a start.

Do NBA and NFL players not do dishes? How come we so rarely hear about athletes from those sports suffering pathetic injuries such as Kennedy’s?

My favorite part about this one is manager Kirk Gibson stating the team considered several options that would allow Kennedy to pitch, “including glue,” but decided against it so as not to interfere with the healing process. That makes for a wonderful bookend to Kennedy’s dishwashing downfall.

In unrelated news, I suffered a finger injury myself opening the mailbox on Memorial Day – foolishly, since mail isn’t delivered on holidays – and my writing status for Tuesday is undetermined. [via LA Times]

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