Roundup: Champions League Final in Legos, Lacrosse Has a Diversity Problem & Rock Star Blames Steroids After Putting a Hit on His Wife

lara_lietoLara Lieto … Margaritaville is the most lucrative song evergood writing vs. talented writing … seems as if lacrosse still has some diversity problems … which holiday weekend in Pennsylvania has the most DUIs? … the Toronto Mayor/crack/video story just resulted in a mysterious deathLena Dunham and Taylor Swift are now friends … I’m shocked Nevin Shapiro says he lied … Amanda Bynes, arrested over the weekend, says a cop ‘slapped my vagina. Sexual harassment’ … long, but very good read on the tornado that leveled Moore, Oklahoma … this ‘backdoor’ headline right under the gay boy scouts story is unfortunate placement … “a car collided with a sewage truck, sending 1,800 gallons of human waste into nearby storm drains” … a guy in California is tweeting out DUI checkpointsBlossom is now single

San Antonio breaks out the brooms in Memphis: Spurs 93, Grizzlies 86. [Express-News]

Just how huge was Josh Pastner’s raise in Memphis? Huge. Really, enormously huge. [Commercial Appeal]

The argument that the Ducks need to expand Autzen Stadium to keep up with the Joneses. [Oregonian]

Rock star put out a hit on his wife. He blames steroids. [Union-Tribune]

I probably could have just made this the lone link for the roundup and it might generate 150 comments. Great piece on ‘celebrity.’ [NYT]

Katin Reinhardt, a UNLV shooting guard, is transferring because he wants to play point guard. [Review Journal]

Chicago beats Detroit in Game 6, and the NHL will have another Game 7. [Sun Times]

Can endurance running actually damage your health? [WSJ]

The life of a punter: Sleeping in the locker room. [Extra Mustard]

Excellent breakdown of Ken Pomeroy and Wisconsin, which his stats always rate highly. [Adam WI’s Sports Blog]

Yes, it certainly feels like Gregg Popovich is trying to single-handedly kill sideline interviews. [Houston Press]

“A local basketball standout has been arrested and transported to Fulton County, Ga., where he faces a several charges, including murder, for his involvement in the death of a rapper known as Lil Phat.” [NBC Bay Area]

For how many years now have we been hearing the Royals are close? And the farm system is loaded? The Royals suck. [Star]

This ended spectacularly (you can fast-forward to :50). [via John]

The Champions League final, re-created with legos.

Extremely difficult to watch, but some terrible parents tried to get rid of their newborn, but some quick-thinking civilians rescued the kid from a sewer pipe.

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