Phillies Fan Rips Beer Bong in Parking Lot, Gets High Fives From Cops [UPDATE]

cop-high-fivePhiladelphia fans are known for being a bit “on the edge.” Fighting, vomiting on other fans, throwing batteries at Santa, that sort of thing. You know, all that good stuff. Here we have a female Phillies fan outside Citizens Bank Park funneling a beer from a beer bong in the parking lot.

As the woman finishes her funnel, someone off-camera yells, “Don’t be a pussy!” Then two cops pull up on motorcycles and high five the woman. Notice the funnel is nothing more than a few feet of tubing. Philadelphia, man …

Let this be a lesson to everyone. If you binge drink like a responsible adult, police will not only leave you alone, but they will praise you for a job well done.

[UPDATE: This video is from September 2011. It made the rounds over a year ago, but we missed it until today. Luckily, it stands as a timeless example of what makes Philly, Philly.]

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[via Reddit]

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