Roundup: A 'Dazed & Confused' Sequel is Coming, James Lipton Was Once a Pimp in Paris & Video of Goats Attacking People in Brazil Town

nicole-scherzinger-Nicole Scherzinger … model wears thong to the beach, Daily Mail is all over it … the hot dog hookercruise catches fire on the way to the Bahamas … such a horrible story: boyfriend stabs his high school girlfriend to death … the origins of Tumblrplease wear sunscreen, folks … Hayden looks like she had a fun holiday weekendPapa John’s CEO apologizes for butt dial by delivery man … this one’s for you, Billy Joel fans … wish I had been invited to this party … NASCAR car-stealing controversy? … crazy story of a mother of seven from Arizona who was in Mexico for a funeral and is now in jail, accused to smuggling drugsJames Lipton says he was a pimp in Paris … “2 American Embassy Officials Are Shot in Venezuela Strip Club” …

The life and times of a gossip columnist in Philadelphia. [Philadelphia Magazine]

“Richard Linklater Hopes to Film ‘Dazed and Confused’ Sequel This Fall.” [Rolling Stone]

Sports Journalism’s Beauty Curse. [Daily Beast]

For fans who usually only start paying attention to MLB after Memorial Day, this is a good recap of what has happened so far. [WSJ]

“Ned Yost’s day started Tuesday when he was nabbed by Chiefs’ security personnel while jogging at the Truman Sports Complex.” [Star]

Mack Brown, obviously, feels optimistic about the Longhorns next season. But I still think it’ll be his last in Austin. [CBS Sports]

Illinois picks up a very good college hoops transfer in a prolific shooter from Oregon State. [Tribune]

“If fried chicken, or the mention of it, is to be generally viewed as being a racist dish then we should not allow franchise restaurants that feature such fare to operate in largely African- American communities like Detroit.” [Detroit News]

Please take 10 minutes out of your day and enjoy these May TV news bloopers. [via Hot Clicks]

What it’s like to be inside a vehicle inside a torando. [via Ben Jones]

This explosion in Baltimore Tuesday … [via Baltimore Sun]

Why are goats attacking people in Brazil? This is some of the most random goat footage I’ve ever seen. [via Patrick]

Because you want to see it first!

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