Swedish "American" Football Looks Like the Perfect Opportunity for Tim Tebow, Based on This Video

It’s late May, the doldrums between the draft and the start of training camp for NFL fans. You know you need your football fix. I would highly encourage you to watch the complete first quarter game footage from Sweden between the Roedeers and the Truckers. I was hooked by the first squib kick that was returned for a touchdown, followed by the botched extra point. (If you are curious, that is a “misslykcad extrapo√§ng”, which is exactly how I feel after my team botches a snap).

By the time the Truckers’ quarterback threw his first swing pass, I knew this was an opportunity for Tim Tebow. Forget Canada, let’s find out who owns his rights in the Swedish league.

My quick estimate is that half the snaps were mangled in some way, but it led to some truly incredible football. I don’t want to provide the entire play by play, but could there be a play where a punter gets hit in the butt by a snap? Maybe.

The only thing better was the cheerleaders chanting in the background, providing gems in English with Swedish accents like “Let’s go White, Let’s go Red” and “Kick It, and Score, We Want More”. The first quarter closes with a shot of the cheerleaders and the words “Slut Pa, 23-0”. I’m guessing that means something different in Sweden.

[h/t to Stephen Douglas for forwarding this and causing me to get the hiccups]




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