Roundup: Floyd Mayweather Went to a Strip Club, Ryan Lochte Got Dumped, Rutgers Paid $70,000 for Julie Hermann's Background Check

Andrea's Grand Opening At Wynn Las VegasArianny Celestepigeons used touch screens to solve problems … idiot brings gun do Disney … BuzzFeed writer resigns in disgrace … awesome answer on Taco Bell application … Tom Hardy surprised a cancer patient … Patrick Stewart just had pizza for the first time … this sad looking fish is facing extinction … loose cow causes traffic concerns … man accused of sexually assaulting a peacock … a shepherd killed a bear with his bare hands … Amanda Bynes has turned her crazy on Chrissy Teigen ….

The two guys who recorded conversations with Buddy Nix and Mark Dominik are facing Federal wiretapping charges. [Democrat and Chronicle]

A Nike factory worker lost her baby after being stunned by cattle prods by police while protesting low pay. [Daily Mail]

The Miami Heat’s big 3 were not very old when Tim Duncan won his first title. [Business Insider]

It cost Rutgers $70,000 for Julie Hermann’s background check. [Courier-Post]

Rob Long, a cancer survivor, resumes his dream of punting in the NFL. [Philly.com]

A list of baseball players who started their careers at other positions. [Boston Globe]

Ryan Lochte got dumped. [The Post Game]

Brian Kelly on the post-Golson Notre Dame QB situation. [South Bend Tribune]

DePaul basketball attendance has disappointed. [Crain’s Chicago Business]

School warned for pitching 8th grader in freshman baseball game. [Douglas Dispatch]

People thought Animal Planet’s show about mermaids meant mermaids were real. [Guyism]

Shaq is going into the soda business. [Sentinel]

Floyd Mayweather dropped $100,000 at a Miami strip club. [Miami New Times]

Buffalo on a trampoline didn’t have the action I hoped for, but was still kind of adorable.

Judo instructor is kind of a dick.

Kelly Brook has an Axe commercial.

Don’t pee in an alley because someone might have installed a shower.

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