Klay Thompson Wearing Something Called a "Swagga Suit" is Your Horrible Fashion Trend of 2013

Klay Thompson in a Onesie

Klay Thompson was emerging as one of the best young shooters in the league. Then he went and wore this. What in the hell? I guess this onesie thing is officially a trend, after Von Miller was spotted in one in Vegas. Miller’s, though, is 653 times cooler than whatever this is. This looks like something you would have to wear on Christmas morning when you are three years old, probably with flammable footies.

These items are called Swagga Suits, and are being made by students at the University of Washington. Coincidence that this is occurring less than six months after the state of Washington legalized marijuana? I think not. I admit to not being fully versed on Swag, but this seems to be the opposite of whatever Swag is. Thompson is joined by former Washington Husky Jon Brockman in modeling this onesie look.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear an ill-fitting outfit that makes you look like you should be drinking your food through a straw and playing bingo while wearing orthopedic shoes? Swag.

Jon Brockman


[photos from swaggasuits.com]

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