Mike Francesa Went After ESPN's John Buccigross: "Who cares what he thinks ... maybe he wants John Walsh to pat him on the head now"

mike francesaMike Francesa, the ornery New York radio host, still giddy over this hockey scoop Wednesday, took a call today from someone who felt like stoking the Francesa vs. ESPN fire. After Francesa broke the story of John Tortorella’s firing, ESPN ran with the “sources tell us” angle, roiling the radio legend. Francesa claims ESPN was still using “sources” after the Rangers announced it. (I don’t know if that’s actually true.) At any rate, after Francesa slammed the Worldwide Leader as “clowns,” ESPN’s John Buccigross tweeted this:


Today’s caller referenced this tweet, which sent Francesa into another tirade against ESPN.

I know very few of you care about anything Mike Francesa-related, but I find can’t stop laughing at his behavior.

[H/T to WFAN Audio]

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