Mike Wise Wore This American Indian T-Shirt to Redskins Park, Ostensibly to Send a Message

mike wise redskins tshirtMike Wise, one of the columnists in DC who has written extensively about how and why the Washington Redskins should change the team’s name, made an interesting t-shirt decision today while covering RG3’s press conference.

As you can see in this screen grab captured by Chris Lingebach of CBS Local, Wise worse a t-shirt with an American Indian on the front with the words, “What part of ‘No’ don’t you understand?”

I’m sure Little Daniel Snyder was thrilled.

Ordinarily, the t-shirt of a columnist would not matter. But given Wise’s stance on the issue, and his slick job of getting face time on the NFL Network in said t-shirt, I thought this was a bold move. It wouldn’t shock me if this stunt by Wise led to some sort of wacky dress code for the media at Redskins Park. Come on, you know Daniel Snyder would do something like that.

I reached out to Wise to see if he indeed was sending a message. “No message being sent. It was my Dad’s favorite shirt. He passed away in February. I’ve got six shirts from the same company that are native American made.”

So there’s that.

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